Building Caretaking Services

Building Caretaking Services

To your strata property, we offer you a fresh, innovative, and enthusiastic approach to all your strata needs. We value your business and pride ourselves on providing you with reliable and courteous staff, accurate information, and timely responses.

We work with the body corporate committee to help you achieve your aims and to provide you with accurate and timely information about the legislation and strata process. We are here to assist you with the efficient running of the day-to-day requirements for managing a strata complex to minimize the amount of time you spend on body corporate requirements.

We have several years of Administrative and Management experience in an office environment and a variety of security & policing-related experience. We have provided our services in many high-profile Hotels, Parkades, and strata lots in downtown Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

Concierge Services

You will find our employees intelligent, hardworking, and conscientious individuals with a variety of skills, knowledge, and experience that will be ideal for many projects. They are very responsible, reliable, and work well independently. We are pleased to offer the following administration services for your review and consideration.


  • Ensure a safe and comfortable living and working environment throughout the complex.
  • Report activities at monthly council meetings.
  • Ensure that rules/regulations and by-laws are adhered to by all residents and guests.
  • Approach violators in a friendly and reasonable matter.
  • Refer all owners’ requests, including requests for information or customer account.
  • Information, complaints, and comments promptly to the Property Manager.
  • Accept complaints or inquiries in writing only, including owners’/residents’ building and suite number, name(s), description of the issue, time, and place.
  • Acknowledge action taken to complaints promptly, refer requests, complaints, and comments to appropriate authority: security, Strata council, property manager.
  • Post notices in displays for routine maintenance issues, otherwise as directed by a property manager.
  • Developed good relationships with onsite services such as security, cleaning services, and so on.
  • Provide secure access for service and tradespeople for onsite services.
  • Monitor parking and coordinate towing of any unauthorized vehicles on common property.
  • Coordinate with a security company to maintain a high level of security throughout the property via regular patrols and visitor checks.
  • Perform patrols of all areas on a scheduled basis and attend to repairs, adjustments, cleaning, etc. As required, including but not limited to mechanical rooms, amenity areas, hallways, garden podium, street level sidewalks and landscape, parkade, and so on. Record such activities in a log book.
  • Order paper cleaning supplies for the cleaning services company.
  • Introduce yourself/ provide a welcome letter to all new residents.
  • Dress in a professional manner.

Recording and Reporting

  • Maintain and report on petty cash float of $500 for minor purchases and receipt of owner/resident payments.
  • Follow without variance, the control regulations established by the accounting department. IOUs are expressly prohibited and subject to spot audits. All major purchases, including supplies, must be authorized through the property manager.
  • Create and maintain a schedule and checklist of regularly performed duties.
  • Maintain a daily log of activities including trade visits, incidents of disturbances, equipment failures, violation of rules or by-laws, and any exchange with residents or more than an ordinary nature.
  • Provide weekly reports to the manager, except in cases of emergency.
  • Provide monthly reports to the property manager one week before council meetings for the inclusion council agenda.
  • Provide input to budget projections.
  • Provide property manager with accurate and up-to-date lists of owners or/and residents, parking, bicycle stalls, and storage, where applicable.
  • Arrange FOB and interphone activation/deactivation promptly with an accurate and up-to-date contact list for owners/ residents.
  • Maintain inventory of all strata corporation equipment, lighting supplies, tools, supplies, and the location of the same.
  • Maintain schedules for reserving amenity rooms, and for moves in and out, collect deposits as specified by the strata council, and examine the property for damage.
  • Ensure collection of form K for new tenants, and any other forms approved by the Strata council ex. pets


  • Assign and supervise staff for routine and urgent work.
  • Monitor contractors for satisfactory completion of their work, and clean up as needed. Report any problems to the property manager.
  • Monitor security company and cleaning services company, and report issues to the property manager.

Other Services